Request to Study at Another Institution, Undergraduate Students

Effective Date Aug 19, 2013

Undergraduate Request to Study at Another Institution

Using the Undergraduate Request to Study at Another Institution form, the student must meet with his or her faculty advisor to determine that the requested course is applicable to the degree program and if there is an established Florida Tech equivalency. This determination is made either by checking the Banner database or contacting the registrar’s transfer credit coordinator at ext. 7263.

If the requested course does not have an established Florida Tech equivalency, the student is to submit the request form and applicable course description to the academic unit responsible for evaluation of the equivalent course to determine one of the following:

  1. There is an equivalent Florida Tech course offered by this academic unit.
  2. There is not an equivalent course, but the requested course is eligible for transfer credit as an elective in which case the subject and level of the elective should be entered (e.g., Humanities Elective, HUM 2xxx).
  3. The course requested is not suitable for Florida Tech transfer credit.
  4. Additional information is needed before a determination can be made.

Melbourne campus students who request to study at another institution for a summer term will be directed to take the course(s) online if the course is offered through Florida Tech University Online during Summer-1 or Summer-2 terms. These students pay Florida Tech University Online rates (no other discounts apply). This policy does not apply to graduate students. International students need to contact ISSS and their sponsors for special exceptions to the policy.

The form is returned to the student who then obtains any additional needed information and forwards to his or her faculty advisor and department head for signatures. The student will submit the completed request form to the registrar’s office for final approval. Upon completion of the approved course, it is the student’s responsibility to request that an official transcript is mailed from the approved institution directly to the registrar’s office.

A request for exception to this policy must be submitted with written justification from the student and written endorsement by the faculty advisor, department head and associate dean.