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University Catalog Revision Policy

Effective Date Jun 1, 2017
Catalog & Curriculum Manager
Revision Date:
June 2017
Approved by:
Provost Monica H. Baloga, Ph.D.


The University Catalog is the official record of course offerings, programs and policies for Florida Tech. To ensure accuracy and integrity of the information in it, and in accordance with requirements laid out by SACSCOC, changes to the following must be restricted to the catalog year cycle (mid-year revisions are not permitted):

  1. Academic Programs (including changes to existing programs, requests for new or reactivated programs, or inactivating existing programs)
  2. Courses (including changes to existing courses, requests for new or reactivated courses, or inactivating existing courses)
  3. Graduation Requirements
  4. Admission Requirements
  5. Academic Policies

To maintain accuracy in the catalog over the course of the year, mid-year revision are allowed mainly to non-academic areas, or those that do not effect student academic programs:

  1. Faculty listing (changes due to attrition, promotion, or moving to a different department/school/college)
  2. Fees  (changes or adjustments to tuition, room, board, or student fees)
  3. Structure (changes to department/school/college structure)
  4. Correction (spelling errors, transposed numbers, or errors in published programs clearly shown by approval paperwork dated during the catalog cycle)

The publication date for the catalog is February 15 of each year.

Academic submissions and changes must be submitted to and approved by either Graduate Council or UGCC no later than the January meeting of the spring semester to be published with an effective date of the upcoming fall semester.

When requesting a new program, departments must adjust their submission date to the curriculum committee to allow for the additional time needed for prior review of the business plan and impact statement by financial affairs and the academic program assessment committee (APAC). Approvals after the January meeting will not be made effective until the following academic year.

Changes not requiring review by a curriculum committee must have the approval of the cognizant dean.

Academic units/program chairs should meet with the curriculum manager to review and confirm programs and courses are correct and aligned with any committee approvals, and are consistent across platforms (department flow charts, catalog program plans, CAPP Degree Evaluations).