Change of Major Procedure

Effective Date Oct 5, 2017

A change of major is requested online at https://access.fit.edu (requires TRACKS username and password). Select the PAWS icon, the Student tab, then Change of Major. Students should consult with their current academic advisor or department head, and the proposed department head before submitting the request.

A change of major automatically moves a student into the current catalog year requirements, which may affect degree and/or graduation requirements.

Changing majors will affect any course substitutions approved in the degree evaluation (CAPP) under the previous major. Students need to resubmit any course substitutions for the new major after meeting with the new academic advisor. It is important to discuss any additional degree requirements and/or program prerequisites in the new major with the advisor.

Consult with current academic advisor or department head and proposed department head before submitting a change of major request.

Financial aid may change if changing campuses (i.e., Melbourne campus to Florida Tech Online) or levels (B.A. to A.A. etc.). Contact the Florida Tech Office of Financial Aid with any questions: finaid@fit.edu.

Students currently in an online degree program through Florida Tech Online may not use this process to become a campus-based student. A Florida Tech Online student changes campus by submitting a new application.

A student may cancel their change of major in PAWS. If unable to cancel, email student-records@fit.edu  (Main Campus, Extended Studies) or ol-records@fit.edu (Florida Tech Online).

When a change of major is approved, grades earned for courses that are not applicable to the degree requirements for the student’s new major can be excluded from the student’s cumulative GPA. However, all earned credits and grades will remain on the transcript. The student’s new academic advisor must initiate the request for a change of major transcript evaluation. Requested changes are subject to verification by the Office of the Registrar.