Graduate Fees

Effective Date Jan 18, 2017


Tuition for graduate students is charged per credit hour based on the student's admission status (Extended Studies, Melbourne campus, Florida Tech Online). Effective Fall 2017, Melbourne campus graduate students are permitted to register for a maximum of 14 credit hours.


Melbourne Campus
$ 1,241/credit hour
Melbourne Campus (MBA 8300) (MS 8351) $600/credit hour
Aeronautics Online Doctor of Aviation Program (9105) $1,000/credit hour
Aeronautics Online Master's Programs (8230, 8231, 8232) $600/credit hour
Extended Studies (excluding doctoral program) $600/credit hour
Extended Studies Doctoral Program (DBA) (admitted before Summer 2015) $1,262/credit hour
Extended Studies Doctoral Program (DBA) (admitted Summer 2015 or later) $ 1,288/credit hour
Florida Tech Online (MBA) $896/credit hour
Florida Tech Online (other graduate programs) $777/credit hour
Psychology Practicum $515/credit hour
Psychology Internship $2,630/semester
Psychology, Doctorate (Psy.D.)  $29,430/year