Academic Dismissal Notification/Right Of Appeal

Effective Date Mar 29, 2018

Academic Dismissal Notification / Right Of Appeal

The registrar will send notification of academic dismissal from the university to the student.

An academically dismissed student may be reinstated for educationally sound reasons by special action of the Academic Standing Committee of the college in which the student is enrolled. A letter requesting reinstatement should be submitted to the committee through the registrar. A student who has been away from the university for four or more consecutive semesters (12 or more 8-week terms) and was dismissed after the last term of enrollment must submit a letter of appeal for reinstatement. The letter is sent to the undergraduate admission office along with the application for readmission.

Students reinstated by the Academic Standing Committee may be subject to special requirements as determined by the committee. Failure to meet the conditions specified at the time of reinstatement will result in a second dismissal, with the student retaining the right to request another reinstatement, although such requests are normally granted only in extraordinary cases.