Admission Guidelines for Undergraduate Students

Effective Date Mar 29, 2018

Admission Guidelines

Melbourne Campus

Applicants must demonstrate readiness to succeed in a challenging academic curriculum. The transcript from a regionally accredited or state-approved high school is the most important element of the application. While no minimum grade point average, class rank or standardized test score is specified, these measures must indicate a readiness for college studies in a chosen academic program. An applicant who is a U.S. citizen must have earned a high school diploma from a regionally accredited or state-approved high school or a GED by the date of first enrollment. All offers of admission are tentative if the student has high school or collegiate coursework in progress. Final admission is dependent on receipt and review of the student’s final transcripts.

Science and engineering applicants should complete four years of mathematics, the minimum level including trigonometry, mathematics analysis, analytical geometry or precalculus. Science and engineering applicants are also expected to have taken four years of science, to include physics and chemistry. It is recommended students take the most rigorous mathematics and science curriculum offered by the high school.

Applicants for aeronautics, business, psychology and liberal arts majors must complete at least three years of mathematics. A fourth year of mathematics is highly recommended. Applicants for these majors must also complete at least three years of science, with a fourth year recommended.

A home schooled applicant must submit a transcript of academic work that is approved by the state Department of Education from whichever state the applicant resides. The transcripts must include an assessment of the level attained in mathematics and science. In addition to the transcript of work, the student must provide written proof the curriculum meets state requirements; a self-descriptive, one-page essay that includes academic, community and athletic accomplishments, career goals and work experience; and SAT or ACT scores. Home schooled applicants may provide a GED in lieu of a department of education approved transcript. Although SAT II (Subject Examination) scores are not required, it is strongly suggested that SAT II results in mathematics (level 2), chemistry, physics and literature be submitted.

Applicants who present a GED must also present secondary school records and standardized test scores (SAT or ACT).

Florida Tech Online

Students may enroll for up to two consecutive 8-week terms before being fully admitted. Full admission is satisfied once all submitted material including official transcripts has been received and evaluated by Florida Tech. Students should complete the following steps:

Complete the online admission application.

Students with less than one year of full-time equivalency at a regionally accredited post-secondary school must provide official transcripts from a regionally accredited or state approved high school or GED.

Official transcripts are required for all students seeking admission to a Florida Tech Online degree program. Provide official transcripts of all current or previously attended regionally accredited colleges and universities. These transcripts will be requested on the student’s behalf as part of the application process.

Provide official records for advanced testing/external examination credit (CLEP, DANTES, advanced placement examinations).

Students with credit hours from other institutions will automatically be evaluated for transfer credit as a part of the application process. Only courses with a grade of C- or equivalent received from a regionally accredited college or university will be considered for transfer credit (see “Classification of Florida Tech Online Students” in the online catalog).

All incoming degree-seeking students are required to take diagnostic assessments in mathematics and communication to determine the appropriate academic requirements and classes.

Only fully admitted students are eligible for federal financial aid. The full application is required if financial aid will be requested.

In accordance with federal and university policies, students requesting to receive financial aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All fully admitted, degree-seeking students who are eligible to receive financial aid will be awarded aid accordingly.

Transient Students

Transient students are those students who are using Florida Tech to meet requirements for their home institution. Florida Tech allows these students to enroll in up to two consecutive 8-week terms by following the transient student admissions process that includes an application and a copy of their current university transcripts. Transient students are not required to take ASC 1006 Mastering eLearning or complete diagnostic assessments.

International Students on Melbourne Campus

Florida Tech is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. Florida Tech provides a certificate of eligibility (I-20) to all admitted international students. The form is used to apply for the F-1 student visa. It also verifies to U.S. immigration officials the student is academically qualified to attend Florida Tech and has sufficient funds to cover the first year of study and that subsequent funds will be available for the future. Students must demonstrate proof of financial support at the time of application. Florida Tech policy states that students are required to attend for one full semester when entering the United States on a Florida Tech-provided I-20 form. Florida Tech will not release a student to another educational institution until the student completes one semester at Florida Tech (see “Office of International Student and Scholar Services” in the Institution Overview section of the online ctalog).

Transfer Students

Applicants to Florida Tech must demonstrate readiness to succeed in a challenging academic curriculum. Transcripts are the most important element of the application. While no minimum grade point average is specified, the student’s GPA must indicate a readiness for college studies in a chosen academic program. Transfer applicants must provide official transcripts from any and all colleges and universities attended. Students who have earned less than 24 semester credit hours will be evaluated as a first-year candidate (see “Application Requirements for First-Year Admission”). Admission will be granted to those applicants who have completed appropriate coursework that indicates progress toward their chosen field of study.

Special High School or Community College Dual Enrollment

Upon application, Florida Tech may grant “special status” to an outstanding junior or senior enrolled in a high school in Brevard County, or an outstanding community college student from Eastern Florida State College or Indian River State College. Enrollment is on a reduced tuition basis and allows students to take up to a maximum of 12 semester credit hours in total. Registration is on a class-by-class space-available basis. Interested students should contact Florida Tech’s undergraduate admission office for application materials and the policy agreement.

Admitted Students on Melbourne Campus

Merit-based scholarships are determined at the time of admission to Florida Tech and are based on past academic performance (SAT or ACT results, class rank and GPA). To maximize opportunities for all types of assistance including federal, state and university need-based grants, it is recommended that students submit a FAFSA by March 1 of the academic year in which they wish to enroll. A copy of the student aid report should be sent to Florida Tech (list the Florida Tech Title IV code (001469) on the FAFSA).

Florida Tech subscribes to the College Board candidates’ reply date of May 1. A $300 nonrefundable tuition deposit is required as a means of confirming a student’s intention to attend Florida Tech. Payment is due by May 1. If the student is admitted after May 1, or for the spring or summer term, payment within 30 days of the date on the acceptance letter is required. The deposit guarantees a place in the entering class in the indicated major/program and is applied to the student’s account.

Entering first-year students can qualify for advanced standing by earning academic credit through any of the following programs:

  • Advanced Placement Exams (AP) administered each May by the College Board (must receive a score of four or five)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB), based on an IB diploma, or a score of four or higher on the HL IB examinations
  • Cambridge Advanced-Level Examinations (A-levels)
  • Advanced Cambridge International Examinations (AICE)
  • Dual enrollment at a regionally accredited college, university or community college

Official results of these examinations or college transcripts must come directly to Florida Tech from the examination board or college attended. The credit Florida Tech awards for each examination can be found through www.fit.edu/ugrad/exams.

Once admitted to the university, incoming students are assigned a TRACKS account username and password allowing access to Panther Pass. Panther Pass (https://pantherpass.fit.edu) is an admitted student portal that guides newly admitted students through all mandatory tasks required between acceptance and university orientation.