Course Substitution

Effective Date Mar 29, 2018

Course substitutions must have the written approval of the student's academic program chair or academic advisor and academic unit head and must meet the following conditions:

  • A course used as substitution should be within one level (higher or lower) of the course to be substituted.
  • The substitution should have similar content to the course being replaced.
  • Substitutions should be submitted as early as possible to facilitate accurate graduation audits.
  • Departments offering the course to be substituted should be consulted as appropriate.
  • Courses used as substitutions do not have to carry the same number of semester credit hours as the course they are replacing nor do they affect the total credit hours needed for the student's degree program.
  • Substitutions must be generated by the appropriate advisor or student coordinator.

Substitutions are recorded on the student's program plan and used to audit degree requirements. A copy of the approved course substitution is maintained in the student's file.