Incomplete Work

Effective Date Mar 29, 2018

An I is given when a course cannot be completed because of circumstances beyond the student’s control. The I indicates the coursework is qualitatively satisfactory and there is a reasonable expectancy that completion of the remaining work would result in a passing grade. The instructor must provide a statement of the work to be completed to the head of the academic unit. The student must complete the work at the earliest possible time but before the beginning of the seventh week of the following semester (fourth week for Florida Tech Online), unless an earlier deadline is established at the time the I is recorded and the student is notified of this fact. Incomplete grades from the spring semester automatically become an F after the sixth week of the following fall semester.

A waiver of the six-week time limitation requires written permission of the cognizant dean. The I will automatically become an F in the seventh week (fifth week for Florida Tech Online) unless an approved waiver with a satisfactory completion date has been received by the registrar’s office.

College of Aeronautics flight courses (AVF) are exempt from the six-week time limit. Flight courses still carrying an I after one calendar year will automatically become an F unless a waiver stating a satisfactory completion date signed by the director of FIT Aviation and approved by the dean of the college has been received by the registrar’s office.