Senior Citizen Program

Effective Date Mar 30, 2018

The senior citizen program allows individuals age 65 and over to enroll in courses for credit or audit without charge. Participation in this program is restricted to individuals who are seriously committed to learning and to courses taught on the Melbourne campus in Florida.

A prospective student wishing to enroll in the senior citizen program must apply for admission as a nondegree-seeking student and be admitted. All records of any prior postsecondary coursework must accompany the application. Copies of transcripts are acceptable in lieu of official transcripts. If no previous postsecondary coursework was completed, proof of high school graduation is required.

A brief statement of “Qualifications through Life Experience” may be submitted with the application. A statement of educational goals and a determination by the appropriate admission office (undergraduate or graduate) that the applicant’s educational and life experience history supports a reasonable expectation of successful accomplishment of those goals are necessary.

Enrollment is permitted based on space availability, following the last day of class in the preceding semester or summer term.