Undergraduate Attendance Requirements

Effective Date Mar 29, 2018

Melbourne Campus

Students registered for any course are expected to attend all lectures and must attend all laboratories, examinations, quizzes and practical exercises, subject to penalties specified by the instructor for that course.

Students who miss class must obtain permission from the course instructor to make up missed work. This permission must be requested at the earliest possible opportunity, and before the absence if possible. The student must arrange with the instructor to make up the missed work. The makeup must be completed within two weeks after the absence. In the case of missed final examinations, the policy on Incomplete (I) applies. In mitigating circumstances, the instructor, with the concurrence of the academic unit head offering the course, may require an alternative to making up the missed work.

If circumstances require a student to report late for a class or to leave before the class is over, prior notification should be given to the instructor if possible. Repeated occurrences may result in the student being temporarily denied admission to the classroom.

The professor of military science of the Army ROTC unit has sole authority to determine attendance regulations in ROTC classes.

Florida Tech Online

The learning management system (LMS) tracks student attendance electronically. In order to participate in class or access class materials, students are required to log into the system with a unique username and password.

Attendance for Florida Tech Online classes is required. Non-attendance may also be recorded by the student’s failure to log in to registered classes, failure to take part in discussion boards or forums, failure to respond to an instructor’s email or any combination of these.