Undergraduate Equivalency Examinations

Effective Date Mar 29, 2018

Melbourne Students

These examinations are administered by academic departments to allow an undergraduate student to demonstrate proficiency in courses offered at the university. They are used with new students to evaluate advanced standing and to reconcile issues involving transfer credits. Specific limitations apply:

  1. Students may not take an equivalency examination for any course
    1. for which they have been evaluated by a prior placement or equivalency examination;
    2. that is a prerequisite or a deficiency for a course for which they have received credit;*
    3. in which they have received a grade, including an F, W (withdrawal) or AU (audit);
    4. in which they are currently enrolled beyond the first week of classes; or
    5. that is a prerequisite for a course in which they are enrolled after the first week of classes for that course.*
  2. Students may not take an equivalency examination for any course during the semester in which they have petitioned to graduate.
  3. Equivalency examinations are not available for some courses. Information about excluded courses is available in each academic unit office. All humanities elective courses are excluded.
  4. Equivalency examinations are not available for graduate-level courses, even if the purpose would be to apply the credit toward a bachelor’s degree, nor are equivalency credits earned for an undergraduate course applicable toward a graduate degree.

*An exception will be made for a transfer student during the first semester at Florida Tech following the semester in which the student has been officially notified of transfer-credit evaluation.