Undergraduate Placement Examinations

Effective Date Mar 29, 2018

Melbourne Students

Placement examinations are administered to new freshmen online through Panther Pass via the university’s learning management system before and during the orientation period each semester. Academic credit can be earned on the basis of these examinations if the result is placement into a more advanced course than an entry-level course in the same field, as designated in the student’s published program.

There are two mathematics examinations given for specific majors. Depending on the incoming student’s major, they will be required to take the College Algebra Readiness Examination or the Calculus Readiness Examination. These examinations are given through Panther Pass before enrollment or once the student arrives on campus. The exams determine readiness for the mathematics courses required in the student’s degree program and can result in the award of advanced standing credit. A low score necessitates the student taking one or more preparatory courses before enrolling in the first mathematics courses listed as part of the program. A low score can also impact the student’s placement into chemistry. A very high score can result in an invitation for further testing to determine if additional credit is warranted.

The communication examination is required for new freshmen, and for all new transfer students except those who have received transfer credit for COM 1101 Composition and Rhetoric.

Many students entering Florida Tech are sufficiently proficient to qualify for advanced placement above the entrance level. Currently those advanced placements are in chemistry, physics and computer science. A qualified student should contact the academic program, academic advisor or the Academic Support Center to discuss advanced placement examinations in these areas.

International Students

International students do not take the communication placement examination. They are initially registered in WRI 0100 English Writing Review and may be placed in COM 1101 Composition and Rhetoric based on an in-class writing sample generated during the schedule adjustment period at the beginning of the semester or term.