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Veterans Accounts and Benefits

Effective Date Apr 19, 2018

Veterans Accounts and Benefits

Satisfactory Progress Standards

Students receiving VA benefits are required to make satisfactory progress in their degree programs. All Florida Tech students are required to meet the academic standards and requirements as noted here. Florida Tech has an academic progress policy that allows for a period of academic probation before termination for unsatisfactory progress (academic suspension) and promptly notifies VA when a student receiving VA education benefits is placed on academic probation.

The law requires educational assistance benefits to veterans and other eligible persons be discontinued when a student ceases to make satisfactory progress toward completion of his or her degree. Benefits can be resumed if the academically dismissed student veteran re-enrolls at Florida Tech in the same or other approved program at the university. In other cases, benefits cannot be resumed unless VA finds the cause of the unsatisfactory attendance, conduct or progress has been removed and the program of education or training to be pursued by the student is suitable to his or her aptitudes, interests, and abilities. To initiate action by VA to determine whether further payments of VA educational assistance allowance should be authorized, the student must submit a specific request for resumption of VA benefits following an interruption due to unsatisfactory progress or conduct.

After VA termination, an appeal may be made to the VA for resumption of benefits. Based in part on the university’s recommendation, the VA will determine whether or not to resume the payment of education benefits to the student.

Melbourne Campus and Extended Studies Students

Veterans benefits are administered by the certifying official of the student’s site/campus. Veterans and their dependents eligible to receive VA education benefits should contact their certifying official after completing admission requirements. For the purpose of certification, the following credit hour standards are used:


Full time 12 9
3/4 time 9-11 6-8
1/2 time 6-8 5
More than 1/4 time, less than 1/2 time 4-5 3-4
1/4 time or less 1-3 1-2
Full time 8 8
3/4 time 6-7 6-7
1/2 time 4-5 4-5
Full time 8 8
3/4 time 6-7 6-7
1/2 time 4-5 4-5
Full time 6 6
3/4 time 5 5
1/2 time 3-4 3-4
Full time 6 6
3/4 time 4-5 4-5
1/2 time 3 3
Full time 4 4
3/4 time 3 3
1/2 time 2 2
Full time 2 2
3/4 time N/A N/A
1/2 time 1 1

 Florida Tech Online Students

Veterans benefits for Florida Tech Online students and their dependents eligible to receive VA education benefits should contact the military and veterans affairs coordinator at 321-674-8204 or email to OL-va@fit.edu.

For the purpose of certification of Florida Tech Online students receiving VA benefits, the following credit hour standards are used:

Full time 6 6
3/4 time 4 N/A
1/2 time 3 3
1/4 time 1 N/A