Grade Reporting and Policies

Effective Date Mar 30, 2018

Notification of Grades

At the end of each semester (or 8-week term for Florida Tech Online students), the registrar’s office notifies enrolled students of grades earned by posting them to their online student record. These grades become a part of the official student permanent record and are not subject to change, except on authorization from the instructor, academic unit head and respective dean, and then only when an incomplete (I) grade was received and the required work completed, or there is tangible evidence the grade was erroneously recorded.

Students have the first four weeks of the following academic term to request an error in grading be corrected. Completing academic work after the course has ended is only permissible if the student received an incomplete (I) grade and cannot be used to change any other grade assigned. Grades cannot be changed once a student has graduated. See the Incomplete Work policy below for more information.

Melbourne Campus

During the ninth week of classes, Melbourne campus students not making satisfactory progress in 1000- and 2000-level courses are notified of their status.

Florida Tech Online

The learning management systems (LMS) makes weekly notifications to students when they have not shown satisfactory progress in an assignment.

Undergraduate Grading System 

A excellent 90–100 4
B good 80–89 3
C average 70–79 2
D poor 60–69 1
F failure 0–59 0
I incomplete course work    
NR no grade recorded, no effect on GPA    
NRF no flight grade recorded, no effect on GPA    
AU audit – no grade    
P pass, no effect on GPA    
W official withdrawal