Study at Another Institution, Undergraduate Students

Effective Date May 23, 2018

The university expects undergraduate students who are earning a Florida Tech degree to take the majority of their courses at Florida Tech. However, students who meet course eligibility requirements are allowed to transfer up to three courses from another university to their Florida Tech degree. Financial aid recipients may wish to consult their financial aid counselor before requesting to study at another institution. All requirements affecting transfer of credits taken elsewhere for application toward a Florida Tech bachelor's degree apply. 

Melbourne campus students who request to study at another institution for a summer term will be directed to take the course online if the course is offered through Florida Tech Online during Summer-1 or Summer-2 terms (students pay Florida Tech Online rates and no other discounts apply). International students on Melbourne campus should contact ISSS and their sponsors for special exceptions to the policy. 

To be eligible to study at another institution the following criteria must be met: 

  • The student has successfully completed the prerequisites of the course
  • The student meets the residency requirement for graduation
  • The Melbourne campus student is registered for a maximum of 13 credits during the summer term, including main campus courses, online courses and studying at another institution

Restrictions when requesting to study at another institution: 

  • Students may not apply the Florida Tech Forgiveness Policy to a course taken at another institution
  • Students without prior permission will receive no credit for a course taken at another institution
  • Students will receive no credit for a course taken elsewhere if the student was ineligible for any reason to take the equivalent course at Florida Tech
  • To be eligible for transfer, a course that includes a significant writing or speaking component must be taught entirely in English

The student must request an official transcript be sent by the other institution directly to the Florida Tech registrar's office. Any student in their final year or term must request official transcripts be sent immediately on completion of the course or as near as possible to the end of the Florida Tech term in which they plan to graduate to avoid having their graduation date delayed until the following term.

This catalog does not list the complete policy or procedure for studying at another institution. The complete policy on study at other institutions can be obtained from the appropriate office or online from the university website.

Florida Tech Online students should email OL-tce@fit.edu for mandatory prior approval by the credential evaluator in the online learning office before beginning study at another institution.