Forgiveness Policy

Effective Date Mar 15, 2019

The forgiveness policy is a system by which an undergraduate student may repeat an undergraduate course. A course may be forgiven if the student’s initial attempt of the course resulted in an earned grade of D or F. Only the last grade received for this course will be used in the cumulative grade point average and in evaluating the fulfillment of graduation requirements. All grades received in any course, including those retaken under the forgiveness policy, are retained and recorded on the transcript. Credits where the forgiveness policy has been applied to a course will be removed from both the term and overall GPA.

The forgiveness policy applies to honors sections, which may be replaced by the equivalent non-honors section.

An undergraduate student is allowed to apply forgiveness to undergraduate courses a maximum of five (5) times during their Florida Tech career. No forgiveness is allowed for subsequent retakes above the maximum of five; all subsequent grades are averaged into the cumulative GPA. The forgiveness policy does not apply to graduate courses, even if taken by an undergraduate student, or to undergraduate courses taken by a graduate student.

A Request to Retake a Course form must be completed for every course retaken under the forgiveness policy. To be applied, this form is due in the registrar’s office no later than Friday of the 12th week of classes for fall or spring semester, Friday of the third week before the end of regular classes for a summer term, and no later than Friday of the fifth week of classes for Florida Tech Online students. This form is a binding agreement between the student and Florida Tech. Once applied to a repeated course, forgiveness cannot be reversed.