Registration Policy

Effective Date Mar 15, 2019

Students must be properly registered and have their tuition and fees paid for all courses they are attending. No student shall be permitted to attend a class without processing a registration form, regardless of whether that class is being taken for credit, audit or continuing education units (CEU).

Melbourne Campus and Education Centers

Access Florida Tech is the online portal that enables enrolled students at Florida Tech to register for classes, make schedule changes, and access and print their academic and personal information. Students may view and print course descriptions, semester class schedules, address and telephone information, all grades to date and a financial account summary by term, in addition to making payments. Access Florida Tech can be found via the Florida Tech home page at www.fit.edu. Obtaining access to student-specific information online requires a TRACKS account username and password assigned to students by the institution.

Florida Tech Online

Registering before admission allows students to begin classes while gathering all application components. Students are required to complete the online application and submit the required documents including a complete academic history. Students may register for up to two consecutive 8-week terms before being fully admitted.

Registering before admission and pending formal acceptance requires a determination of a high probability of eventual acceptance into the program applied for and that registration before admission is in the best interest of both the academic unit and the student.

Students who register before admission are not eligible to receive federal student financial aid until fully admitted to the university. Such registration requires a preliminary review of written documentation from the degree-granting institution (not necessarily official) showing previous academic courses taken, grades received and degrees awarded. In the event that applicants are denied admission while enrolled, they will be given the option of either withdrawing with full tuition refund or completing the courses underway. If the applicant completes one or more courses before being denied admission or completes a course for any other reason, he or she will not be given the option of withdrawing or receiving a tuition refund after completing the course.