Scholarly Inquiry Requirement

Effective Date Mar 15, 2019

SACS (see “Accreditation and Memberships”) requires each university to develop and implement a unique quality enhancement plan to enhance student learning in all undergraduate programs in a manner consistent with the university’s mission, heritage and recognized strengths.

Florida Tech’s ongoing emphasis on the relationships among research, teaching and learning led to the selection of scholarly inquiry as the theme for the plan. Its goals focus on student application of academic knowledge, and student problem-solving and communication skills. Florida Tech’s quality enhancement plan is designed to accommodate the various forms of scholarly inquiry including student design projects, student research and investigations undertaken as part of preprofessional internships.

All research projects are undertaken during the junior and/or senior year (may be the third or fourth year for Florida Tech Online students). Courses within the scholarly inquiry plan are designated as Q in the Degree Programs and Course Descriptions sections online in the catalog. Consistent with this, all undergraduate students are required to plan, undertake and report on a scholarly project in an area of their own choosing that is approved by the instructor of the Q-designated courses in their program of study.

As part of its ongoing quality enhancement plan, Florida Tech’s Certificate in Cross-Cultural Competence is a non-credit program allowing undergraduate students to certify their preparation for the global workforce through academic courses, co-curricular activities and international experiences. Through the program, students learn effective cross-cultural communication and how to develop strategies for solving global issues. Students choosing to participate in the certificate program believe in the importance of becoming informed, creative and productive global citizens, and who wish to add a valuable credential to their resume and transcript. Courses used to fulfill the certificate are designated as CC in the Course Descriptions section.