Student Advising

Effective Date Mar 15, 2019

An advisor in the first and second year experience (FSYE) office serves as the primary advisor for all new full-time students who enter the university with less than 60 earned credit hours. A student who enters with 0-29 credit hours works with an FSYE advisor for four consecutive semesters. A student who enters with 30-59 credit hours works with an FSYE advisor for two consecutive semesters. After working with an FSYE advisor, the student transitions to an appointed faculty advisor in the academic department.

New students who enter the university with more than 59 earned credit hours proceed directly to advisement in the academic department where a faculty member serves as the primary advisor. The academic success advisor in the FSYE office serves as the secondary advisor and can address general questions and concerns.

Academic advising is an ongoing process that facilitates the academic, social and preprofessional development of students at Florida Tech. Advisors help students clarify academic, professional and personal goals, and provide support to encourage the realization of these goals. Advisors provide timely and accurate information, referrals and advice regarding a wide range of matters, with the intention of promoting responsible decision-making. Advisors assist students with academic planning, course selection and registration, and monitor students’ progress on an ongoing basis. Advisors also increase students’ awareness of clubs and organizations, extracurricular activities and resources that will contribute to their development and adaptation to college life.

Florida Tech Online students are advised by the online coordinator or academic program chair of their major.

Education center students should contact their program chair or the site director at their location for advising issues.