Studies-Related Assistance, Undergraduates

Effective Date Mar 15, 2019

Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center (ASC) is a multipurpose learning facility located in the Evans Library Pavilion. The ASC offers students free one-on-one tutoring in composition,  computer science, physics, accounting, chemistry, aeronautics and engineering courses. In addition, the ASC offers small group study sessions led by undergraduate honor student tutors.

Early Warning System

The Early Warning System, a service of the ASC and registrar’s office, requires advisors to contact their first-year students during the ninth week of the term if they are deficient in one or more courses.

Florida Tech Online

Online tutoring is available to students via a service called Smarthinking. Students can access this service by clicking on the Resources tab within their course site. Students can get live, online tutoring, as well as reviews and comments about essays and reports. Information about this service is available at www.smarthinking.com.

The learning management system (LMS) makes weekly notifications to students when they have not shown satisfactory progress in an assignment.